Northern Treasures


1st Day – Transfer Matagalpa

"Welcome to Nicaragua! A transfer will take you to Matagalpa. The city of Matagalpa is located in the North of Nicaragua and has been referred to as ‘the pearl of the North. It has quite a fresh climate, due to being situated in a valley, surrounded by a mountainous area. Matagalpa has a long history and is nowadays the center of Nicaragua s coffee production. "

2nd Day – Birdwatching, Coffee and Cacao Tour

After an early birdwatching tour and a coffee tour you will head to Jinotega where you visit a Cacao Factory on the way and learn about the processes. There are so many birds at Selva Negra that even novice birders have an opportunity to identify dozens of species in a single day, thanks to the diversity of habitats on the property. Selva Negra ´s virgin cloud forest lies between 1300 and 1500 meters (4,265 to 4,921 feet) altitude on the continental divide between the Pacific and Atlantic lowlands.

3rd Day - Peñas Blancas Massif Tour

You will take a hike to the impressive rainbow waterfall then visit the Massif Peñas Blancas, located on the border between the provinces of Matagalpa and Jinotega, and part of Central America´s largest reserve, Bosawas. Here You will see crystal clear rivers, water wells, large and small waterfalls, giant trees, and a wide variety of tropical plants as you make your way through the reserve, while the fog that seems to be everpresent adds mystery to this magical place.

4th Day - Transfer to Esteli / Tobacco tour

Today will be transferred to Esteli. In the afternoon get to know more about one of their primary activities: the production of Tobacco.Esteli is situated in the North Eastern part of Nicaragua, in a still relatively under developed tourist area. The city is rich in history and cultural heritage and visitors will find lots to occupy their time while here. The city used to be a refuge for Cuban cigar makers and this culture is sitll present here and can also be discivered in the cities museum. The City has a vibrant and active center with many hotel, restaurants, bars and clubs.

5th Day - Transfer to Managua

Today you will be transferred to the International Airport, we hope you had a great time in Nicaragua

Selva Negra (in a nature reserve)

Km 140 Carretera Matagalpa-Jinotega
Matagalpa 505Nicaragua
(+505) 2770-1894
website - map

    Centro de Entendimiento con la Naturaleza (CEN)

    Tuma - La Dalia, Cua Bocay
    Jinotega, 505Nicaragua
    (+505) 8852-6213
    website - map

      Los Arcos

      Del costado noroeste de la catedral 1c. al norte
      Estelí , 505Nicaragua
      (+505) 2713-3830
      website - map