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Nicaragua is Central America’s biggest country and also the most centrally located in the region, with borders to Honduras in the south and Costa Rica in the north. It is known as the country of volcanoes and lakes as the numerous volcanoes and beautiful lakes define the landscape. With wonderful beaches, breathtaking views from tops of volcanoes, cloud and rainforest and lots more, Nicaragua offers various great experiences in a natural setting.
Colonial cities and its architecture, archeological and world heritage sites and lovingly arranged boutique hotels complete a perfect stay in this country.

Traveling to Nicaragua from the US, Canada and Europe is quite easy with major airlines offering a frequent service.

There is one main International Airport in the capital city Managua, called Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport.


From North America — United (from Houston), Taca and American Airlines (from Miami), Delta Airlines (from Atlanta) and Spirit Airlines (from Fort Lauderdale) fly directly to Managua. Routes from major Canadian cities all connect easily in the major US hubs and onwards to Nicaragua.

From the U.K. & Europe — There are no direct flights to Nicaragua from the U.K. and most of the other countries. You will have to fly via the US or Central American hub city and connect with one of the airlines mentioned above.

From Australia & New Zealand — To get to Nicaragua from Australia or New Zealand, you’ll first have to fly to Los Angeles, some other US hub city or Mexico, where you can connect with one of the airlines mentioned above.

There are regular bus services. In terms of travel time and convenience, it’s always better to get a direct bus rather than one that stops along the way. By country, these are the main border crossings:
• From Costa Rica – the main border crossing is at Las Peñas Blancas, the other border crossing in Los Chiles is only accessible by boat and land
• From Honduras – the main border crossings are at Las Manos, El Espino and El Guasaule


As a regular service “Ruta del Golfo” offers transfers by boat between Potosí in Nicaragua and La Unión in El Salvador a few times a week and is a great way to avoid the slower and less scenic land crossings between these two countries.

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